Our training takes the form of scheduled workshops and training sessions on demand. All the subjects covered relate to aspects of career management. Thanks to our many partnerships, we organize these trainings jointly with professionals in the field.

For organizations and groups, it is possible to request workshops tailored to meet the specific needs of your members.

The programming of the courses is established according to the needs expressed by the artists and cultural workers of the industry.

To do this, we need your opinion.


How to participate in the festival?

This workshop will allow you to increase your chances of being part of a festival’s programming. This training is designed for artists, musicians, singers and cultural workers emerging in the musical field. Concrete examples and practical resources will be presented to you in order to maximize your chances.

Branding 101: Define Your Brand!

This workshop, in collaboration with Édith Hamel-Proulx, Graphic Designer and Founder of Toucan, is both practical and theoretical. The content, based on the branding concept, will answer your questions about how to define your brand. The goals are to understand what branding is, know the elements for creating an effective branding, and define the DNA of your brand.

Press Relations: Project a good image

This workshop, in collaboration with Marie-Ève ​​Lamour, Press Relations Officer, will give you a better understanding of how to effectively manage your public image. We present the relevant elements that should be included in an effective press release and also the main collaborators within the music industry. You will also learn the steps of a launch campaign and how to develop your permanent campaign as an artist.

We also have a database on the following topics:


  • How to become an entrepreneur artist?
  • Copyright
  • Tax and Artist
  • The Art of Negotiating
  • How to Finance Your Projects
  • Steps to Produce a Successful Event
  • Marketing and Social Networking for an Artist
  • Artist: Leisure or Career?
  • Who does what? The trades of the music industry
Services not offered
  • Distribution and marketing
  • Artistic direction, production, touring and logistics
  • Staff supervision and evaluation
  • Music publishing
  • Review and auditing assignment
  • Radio tracking
  • Production of grant reports
  • Production of government reports