Our objective

Our mission is to support artists and musicians to realize their dreams! To do this, we provide services that promote their professional development. Since 2015, we have been helping talented artists to obtain contracts, to understand the music industry and to develop their artistic endeavors. Envol Culturel is a happy mix of music organization, management, teaching and negotiation in the musical field within Canada.

The values ​​that guide our practice


We firmly believe that at any age, whether at the level of employees, musicians or partners, an individual can learn and improve.


We are true to the value of each player in the music industry. In addition, we particularly respect the autonomy and freedom of the creative process of the artists.


We are proud to work with singers, musicians, agents, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, managers, coordinators, producers and cultural workers. We combine the strengths of each in order to create experiences in which all of them stand out as winners.

Volunteers and trainees wanted!

Are you interested in music? Becoming a volunteer or a trainee at Envol Culturel means participating in a human and cultural adventure of incredible wealth. Even though we do not display specific positions, we are always looking for ambitious people. Whatever your profile and skill (photography, graphic design, video editing …), let us know and we will work together to find a mission in which you can blossom.

Contact the Envol Culturel team, we will be happy to answer your questions!

Manuela Rigaud Théodore

Founder and Consultant for cultural projects

Junior Sanon


Rachel Bourbonnais

Branding Artistic Director

Max-Harry Myrtil

Project Management Advisor

Nodly Guerrier

Communication Officer


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