We work with Canadian artists, managers, developers, festivals and booking agencies to find new talent. Envol Culturel is therefore the ideal intermediary between the musicians we represent and the organizations that hire them.

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We offer you an application service for Canadian festivals, through which we follow up with interested festivals and negotiate your fees.

This service is the guarantee that your applications will be duly completed according to the modalities required by each of the festivities. To increase your chances of being accepted, we are even able to create for you a folder of professional presentation that will embody the image of your music.

You will receive more than expected!


Whatever the style of your event, Envol Culturel offers you a wide range of diverse and professional artists. We work within your budget for unforgettable success.

Whether you are a company, a festival, a broadcaster or any other, we have the service you need. The passion that drives us is reflected by impeccable service and non-negotiable quality.

If you have a specific request or would like to host one of our artists in your event, contact us at

Services not offered
  • Distribution and marketing
  • Artistic direction, production, touring and logistics
  • Staff supervision and evaluation
  • Music publishing
  • Review and auditing assignment
  • Radio tracking
  • Production of grant reports
  • Production of government reports